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Construction and dismantling schedules




Construction days

Dismantling days






Pet Fair Tampere

7th–8th September 2019

Sat 10 am–5 pm

Sun 10 am–5 pm



6th September 2019

Fri 8 am–10 pm




8th–9th September 2019

Sun 5 pm–10 pm

Mon 8 am–4 pm



24th–26th September 2019

Tue 9 am–5 pm

Wed 9 am–5 pm

Thu 9 am–4 pm


19th–23rd September 2019

Thu–Mon 8 am–10 pm

Tue 7 am–8.30 am


26th–28th September 2019

Thu 4 pm–10 pm

Fri 8–22

Sat 8–16

Finnish Craft & Design

15th–17th November 2019

Fri 10 am–6 pm

Sat 9 am–6 pm

Sun 10 am–5 pm


14th–15th November 2019

Thu 8 am–10 pm

Fri 7 am–9.30 am


17th–18th November 2019

Sun 5 pm–10 pm

Mon 8 am–4 pm








18th–19th January 2020



17th January 2020



19th January 2020

Sun 17pm–10pm


31st January–2nd February 2020




28th–30th January 2020

Tue–Thu 8am–10pm



2nd–3rd February

Sun 5pm–10pm

Mon 8am–4pm

Engineering Works & Nordic Welding Expo

17th–19th March 2020







12th–16th March

Thu–Mon 8am–10 pm




19th–21st March 2020

Thu 4pm–10pm

Fri 8am–10pm

Sat 8am–10 pm

The Horses Fair

4th–5th April 2020





2nd–4th April 2020

Thu–Fri 8am–10 pm

Sat 7am–8.30 am


5th–6th April 2020

Sun 5pm–10pm

Mon 8am–4pm



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