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Graphic Services

Expotec Ltd



Teemu Tuominen

Tel. +358 500 238 617



Sari Perälä

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Ilmailunkatu 20

FIN-33900 Tampere


Expotec Ltd provides a wide variety of graphics services that can help you in your sales promotion and public relations.


Fascia text and logos 
Please choose the colour or provide a PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour code when you place your order.
Logos must be sent to us by email using a vectorised format (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Logos containing images or three dimesional objects must be sent in high resolution .jpg or .tiff format.

If you want the fascia text / logo on a specific place on the stand, please fill in and return the placing sketch. »


Print service
We can supply your stand with custom made enlargements as digital paper prints. We frame and laminate them and use backing board as desired. Images, logos etc. can be printed on different materials such as cloth and vinyl.


Orders and changes made during the construction period are subject to a 50 % surcharge.
Minimum charge € 30.
VAT is added to all prices. 

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Additional information

Company name in standard letters for the fascia.

Height 130 mm, fixed on a fascia. Price 200-300 cm x 30 cm (20 cm net height):

1-colour € 60  (additional meters € 18/m)

2- or 4-colours € 70, (additional meters € 22/m)

Text for the fascia Write your desired text here
Order for texts pcs (Please choose the number of fascia texts needed for your stand)
Desired typeface
Optional typeface Write the name of the desired typeface
Text colour
Colour code Write the colour code for the desired colour (if you chose PMS or RAL)
Company logo for the fascia.

Height 130 mm, fixed on a fascia. Price 200-300 cm x 30 cm (20 cm net height):

1-colour € 60 (additional meters € 18/m

2- or 4-colours € 70 (additional meters € 22/m)

Check out the appearance here »

We ask you to send the material by email as vectorgraphics to aineisto@expotec.fi. If the original of the company logo is on paper or bitmap file, the cost increases by € 25/logo. Please include PMS colour definition.

Order for logos pcs

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(weekdays 8:00–16:00) 

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