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Eight questions about the effects of the coronavirus – Tampere Trade Fairs are getting ready for the autumn


We at Tampere Trade Fairs strive to serve our customers in the best possible way even under exceptional circumstances. Here are some questions and answers we gathered about the coronavirus situation.


1.) When will the postponed events be held?

Due to the coronavirus situation, all spring events have been postponed till autumn and next spring. The new events schedule is the following:

The Horses Fair 22.‒23.8.2020

Yard & Interior, Travelling in Finland, Keräilyn maailma and Suuri Snadi 23.‒25.4.2021

Engineering Works Trade Fair, Nordic Welding Expo and 3D & New Materials 23.‒25.3.2021

Hallituspaikka 10.2.2021.


The combination of events Engineering Works Trade Fair, Nordic Welding Expo and 3D & New Materials was rescheduled on short notice to March 2021. However, further clarification has shown that the new schedule is problematic due to the international trade fairs calendar. Because of this, Tampere Trade Fairs has sent a questionnaire to the exhibitors to find out customers' opinions on suitable dates. The results of the survey will be notified by mid-May.


Read more (in Finnish): https://www.konepajamessut.fi/fi/uutiset/tampereen-messut-oy-etsii-keinoja-siirtyneiden-tapahtumien-asiakkaiden-auttamiseksi/ & https://www.epressi.com/tiedotteet/kauppa/uusi-hallituspaikka-tapahtuma-siirtyy-elokuulta-helmikuulle-2021.html

Read the news report on the new schedule (in Finnish): https://www.tampereenmessut.fi/tiedotteet/Koronaviruksen_tielta_siirtyville_tapahtumille_loytyi_uudet_ajankohdat_4286.html


2.) Can autumn events be organised in the normal way?

At the moment, we are working hard to arrange the autumn trade fairs. We have a strong confidence and hope that from August onwards we will be able to organise fairs and events in the normal way. As far as we are concerned, we strive to arrange all events as usual and according to published schedules. We are, of course, actively following the national situation as well as instructions and regulations by the authorities.


If the authorities advise against organising mass events in early autumn, the events will be postponed till later and new schedules will be notified to our customers immediately. Exhibition stand reservations are transferred to the future event as they are. The decision on rescheduling autumn events will be taken as soon as authorities issue new recommendations on mass events.


The government has forbidden any mass events of more than 500 people till 31.7.2020. The current situation on restrictions can be found on the Government website: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus/current-restrictions.


The Goverment has started the lifting of border traffic restrictions, starting from commuting traffic within Schengen area. We are following the lifting of travel restrictions and will notify our fair visitors about any changes.


3.) When will the events season start?

We will launch our autumn season on August 12th with the new business event called Hallituspaikka. Right after that, we will first cater pet-lovers with The Horses Fair on 22.‒23.8.2020, and only one week later, 29.‒30.8.2020, with the Lemmikki Tampere pet fair.


From there on, autumn will proceed swiftly with the trade fair combination Eurosafety, Workplace Welfare, Food and Drink Industry, and Logistics Trade Fair. The combined trade fair will take place on 8.‒10.9.2020.


In mid-September, Finland's largest industrial village will once again be constructed at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, when the Subcontracting Trade Fair and AlihankintaHEAT attract crowds in Tampere on 22.‒24.9.2020.


The events year will culminate in the 25th anniversary of the Finnish Craft and Design Fair on 13.‒15.11.2020.


Check out the Tampere Trade Fairs events calendar.


Read the news about the Subcontracting Trade Fair & AlihankintaHEAT event upcoming in the autumn: https://www.alihankinta.fi/en/news/subcontracting-trade-fair-and-alihankintaheat-bring-people-together-in-tampere-in-the-autumn/

Read more about the upcoming Finnish Craft and Design Fair (in Finnish): https://www.kadentaidot.fi/fi/uutinen/suomen-kadentaidot-juhlavuoden-jarjestelyt-jatkuvat-kohti-marraskuuta/


4.) How will the coronavirus affect future trade fairs?

Tampere Trade Fairs has been monitoring THL guidelines closely throughout the spring and will continue to do so. We urge all our event visitors to keep washing and sanitising their hands in the autumn season as well. As we notified in March, we will continue to keep plenty of hand sanitising points at our events, and we urge the fair visitors to use them. In addition, we will display the coughing and handwashing instructions by THL, and expect the fair visitors to follow it.


The automatic hand blow-dryers in the toilets will not be in use during the fair season. They will be replaced by handpapers for drying the hands in the toilets. In addition, a cleaning service company will be cleaning the facilities more often than usual.


Read the news about preparation: https://www.tampereenmessut.fi/en/news/Tampere_Trade_Fairs__preparation_for_Coronavirus_4281.html


5.) Will Tampere Trade Fairs refund any costs caused by postponed events?

Due to the coronavirus situation, Tampere Trade Fairs Group had to postpone all fairs and events originally scheduled for the spring and summer of 2020.


Despite the exceptional circumstances, Tampere Trade Fairs has decided to temporarily refund 50% of the fair costs invoiced by Tampere Trade Fairs from exhibitors of the fairs originally planned for March and April 2020. The temporary refund is given to exhibitors who have already paid their fair participation in full.


Read more: https://www.tampereenmessut.fi/en/news/Tampere_Trade_Fairs_Ltd_will_temporarily_refund_costs_to_customers_due_to_postponed_fairs__4297.html


6.) What is currently happening at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre?

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre is closed due to orders from the authorities. Our office staff is mainly telecommuting at the moment. The work pace is fast, and autumn season is well on its way in preparations. #Thenicetradefairguys are doing everything in their power to get our events rolling as soon as the overall situation is normalised!


In addition, Finnresta – subsidiary of Tampere Trade Fairs – continue to prepare their tasty foods during the coronavirus situation. At Finnresta’s new online store, you can order homely meals delivered straight to your doorstep by Liuttu Logistics. Check out the online store at www.finnresta.fi.


7.) Where can I get additional information and help?

You can reach our customer service by phone at the number 0207 701 222 on weekdays at 9–15 or by e-mail at asiakaspalvelu[at]tampereenmessut.fi.


8.) How can I follow what is happening at Tampere Trade Fairs?

Tampere Trade Fairs has an active online presence. You can stay on track of Tampere Trade Fairs' activities by reading the group's websites: https://www.tampereenmessut.fi/https://www.finlandevents.fi/https://expotec.fi/ ja https://www.finnresta.fi/ or by following us on social media.


You can easily find #thenicetradefairguys at the following channels:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TampereenMessut/




Twitter: @TampereenMessut@Alihankinta,  @hallituspaikka@TahtiAreena@finland_events


LinkedIn:  Tampere Trade Fairs Group || Tampereen Messut -konserniAlihankinta HUBHallituspaikka2020


Instagram: @tampereenmessut@suomenkadentaidot@hevosetmessut@hallituspaikka@finlandevents.fi @finnresta


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