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250 Companies taking part in the first virtual Subcontracting Fair event


The number one event in the industry, Subcontracting Fair 2020 and AlihankintaHEAT, will be held for the first time in a fully virtual network on 8.-10.2020. There will be a three-day live broadcast live from the studio of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, pre-recorded program and meetings of industry experts and professionals offered by the Brella networking platform. 250 exhibitors have registered for the event. The virtual event is free for visitors and will start on 8.12. at 8 am at The theme of the event is Business from Data and the main partner is Business Tampere.

– The Tampere Subcontracting Fair is of great importance as an annual meeting place for industry. Now, even in an exceptional year, when we cannot physically meet at the fair face to face, we want to offer both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to make contacts in the Subcontracting virtual event and enjoy the event’s rich program, Business from Data. It is also great to get Business Tampere as the main partner of Subcontracting’s first virtual event, because by working together we can offer high-quality content to the players in the manufacturing industry, says Project Manager for Subcontracting, Tampereen Messut Group’s Communications Director Tanja Järvensivu.

– Business Tampere Oy is pleased to be the main partner of the new type of virtual Subcontracting Fair of Tampereen Messut Oy. The virtual event is a picture of the times and is partly a response to the change in business and industry value chains that has already taken place and is further accelerating with the Covid-19 pandemic. Information and its timely utilization, as well as renewal through digitalisation, are on the agenda of all companies. The virtual Subcontracting Fair brings stimuli and solutions to this theme and offers partnerships. The home of the virtual event, the Tampere region, will also present itself as a new location for successful companies, says the CEO of Business Tampere Harri Airaksinen.

Networking in the Subcontracting virtual event will take place on the Brella networking site, which features all of the approximately 250 exhibitors involved. Appointments can be arranged for the virtual event in advance.
News: Head start on the virtual event: Start networking today

Jarno Limnéll: Security must also be taken into account in data

Virtual Subcontracting is an example of the current state of the world where the corona pandemic has forced people into an unprecedented digital leap. The theme sponsor for subcontracting in terms of security is Aalto University’s professor of cyber security Jarno Limnéll, according to which the importance of taking care of security has become more important with the digital leap. This also applies to the most important capital of our time, namely data.

– The corona pandemic can already be estimated to have accelerated the digital leap by three to four years. This leap is partly made in the face of compulsion. It is not just a question of the increasingly powerful transition of business and other activities to the digital world, but also of the fact that almost everything is being connected to the Internet at an accelerating pace and data is being collected about almost everything. In this development, safety must not be left behind, but must be strongly taken into account in all activities. If this is not done, the risk of losing trust increases. And it is very difficult to regain lost trust, Limnéll writes in his Subcontracting column.
Column: Safety ensures trust

The Subcontractor of the year and the Main contractor of the year will be awarded at the virtual opening ceremony

The theme of Subcontracting, Business from data, offers a variety of content in the form of live broadcasts and recorded program videos. The Finnish Purchasing and Logistics Association LOGY ry award the Subcontractor of the year and Main contractor of the year at the Subcontracting virtual event opening ceremony on 8.12. The program also includes a Heat Grill theme discussion moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of Tekniikka & Talous, Harri Junttila: "Business from data - intelligently, safely and productively". Together with the Subcontracting Fair, Tribe Tampere awards the most startup-friendly company in Finland. Check out the fair program:

For the first time, Finnish industry gathers virtually online 8.-10.12.2020 in the Subcontracting virtual event. The Subcontracting Fair, which has been organized since 1988, presents the entire Finnish industry and its leading companies every year. Last year, the international fair had more than a thousand exhibitors and the event gathered 17,731 trade fair guests in Tampere. The Subcontract virtual event will involve approximately 250 exhibitors, of which approximately 35 are foreign companies. The next physical Subcontracting Fair is scheduled to be held in Tampere on 21.-23.9.2021.


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Tampereen Messut Group,,

Tanja Järvensivu, Communications Director, Project Manager / Subcontracting Fair,
tel. 050 536 8133, @TanjaJarvensivu

Nelly Rauhala, Communications Specialist,
tel. 044 484 2910, @NellyRauhala


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