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COVID-19 passport to enable spring 2022 events in Tampere


Tampere Trade Fairs will require all participants to show a COVID-19 passport at all its spring 2022 events, should restrictions on public events require it. The COVID-19 passport is an alternative to restrictions, and enables organizing events in full and in a health-secure way. For this reason, all trade fairs and events in the coming year will be organized as planned.  

– Without the COVID-19 passport, organizing events is difficult. Should the Regional State Administrative Agency decide to restrict the organizing of events or number of participants next year, we will immediately require the use of a COVID-19 passport at our events. Thanks to the passport, we will be able to organize our events in a health-secure way and in full without restrictions. Our customers can rest assured that all upcoming events in Tampere will be held as planned, says Hannu Vähätalo, Managing Director of the Tampere Trade Fairs Group.


In the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, a restriction is imposed on indoor events of more than 100 participants until December 9, 2021. The COVID-19 passport is an alternative to restrictions, which means it enables the organizing of large events as well as allows entry to events without restrictions.


Use of the COVID-19 passport requires restrictions imposed by public authorities – change of law anticipated


The COVID-19 passport (EU Digital COVID Certificate) can be, according to current law, required at public events only when they are subject to restrictions imposed by public authorities. Operators subject to restrictions can require their customers or participants to show a COVID-19 passport.
– For everyone here at Tampere Trade Fairs, health and safety are number one priorities. We continuously monitor how the pandemic develops and react quickly to any restrictions and recommendations by public authorities. The COVID-19 passport is an essential tool for the event organizer business and we are ready to keep it in use as long as the situation demands. For the present, an organizer can necessitate the use of the COVID-19 passport only if there are restrictions imposed. The law should be changed without delay to allow the use of the COVID-19 passport even without imposed restrictions, to enable event organizers to plan their operations confidently in the long term, Vähätalo explains.


The COVID-19 passport is available in the Omakanta online service. In addition, proof of identity may be required when showing a COVID-19 passport. The EU vaccination certificate is valid if you have received two vaccination doses, have a negative result in a COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours ago, or have recovered from COVID-19 within 180 days. The COVID-19 passport is also available to those who have recovered from COVID-19 and have received one vaccine dose. The Digital COVID Certificate scanner will neither collect nor store any personal information.


Events for spring 2022 being planned


Tampere Trade Fairs 2022 spring events will be in full swing by February, when the new ICT event DigiTre is held on February 1–2 at the new Nokia Arena together with Tampere Smart City Week. At Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, Tampere Trade Fairs will be holding the Asta Fair on February 4–6, and on the weekend, on 5–6, the Tampere Wedding Exhibition. The new Hallituspaikka event will be held on February 9. In March, there will be the Engineering Works Trade Fair, Nordic Welding Expo, and 3D & New Materials held on 22–24, and in April the Horses Trade Fair on 9–10, and the Virittäydy vapaalle (”Get ready for the freetime”) event program: Travelling in Finland and The Yard & Interior on 22–24, World of Collectibles and Suuri Snadi on 23–24. The events calendar for 2022 can be found at


The Tampere Trade Fairs Group organizes the events in accordance with recommendations by public authorities, with health security at the forefront. The events should only by attended in perfect health and without symptoms. Face masks are strongly recommended at the events. For more information on health security at the events visit event specific pages and the following page: Safe events during the pandemic (


More information:
Tampere Trade Fairs Group,, firstname.lastname(a)
Hannu Vähätalo, Managing Director, p. 0500 620 806
Tanja Järvensivu, Marketing and Communications Director, p. 050 536 8133

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