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Subcontracting 2021 started - Finnish industry is gathering in Tampere


The second largest trade fair for the subcontracting industry and Finland’s leading industry trade fair, Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT 2021, started today in Tampere. The health safety first arranged trade fair held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre from 21 to 23 September has more than 900 exhibitors from 16 countries. The theme of this year’s event is Business from Data, with perspectives emphasizing intelligent industry, security and productivity. The fair was opened by Honorary Entrepreneur Counsellor Antti Zitting from Sacotec companies and Plastep Oy. LOGY ry awarded Finn-Power Oy as the Main Supplier of the Year and Coreplast Laitila Oy as the Subcontractor of the Year. The main partner in 2021 is Business Tampere.

 - It is important for industry players to finally be able to exchange ideas face-to-face, create new ones and see how the time left behind and the disruption it entails have potentially changed logistics, subcontracting and innovation chains. It is time to open up the world and make the world smaller again and thus ensure Finland’s role in the global market, said Honorary Entrepreneur Counsellor Antti Zitting, of Sacotec companies and Plastep Oy, who opened the fair.

This year’s main partner Business Tampere’s Account Manager Heini Wallander encouraged everyone in her opening remarks to be proud of their work and to share it with others, especially young people and those considering industry change. According to Wallander, who is responsible for industrial research and development at Business Tampere, the industry needs positive visibility and experts, and everyone has a responsibility for that. Business Tampere will announce the winner of the Industrial Act of the Year 2021 award at the fair on Wednesday 22.9.

Finn-Power Oy the Main Supplier of the Year and Coreplast Laitila Oy the Subcontractor of the Year

The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY ry awarded Finn-Power Oy as the Main Supplier of the Year 2021. The Subcontractor of the Year award was given to Coreplast Laitila Oy. The awards were received by Finn-Power Oy’s Purchasing Director Tero-Jussi Teppo and the CEO of Coreplast Laitila Oy Mikko Toivonen and Sales Director Kauko Kämäräinen. The awards were presented by the Chairman of LOGY ry’s Subcontracting Award Committee Tomi Parmasuo and CEO of LOGY ry Markku Henttinen. The awards, presented since 1987, want to promote the competitiveness and networking of the Finnish manufacturing industry. Main Supplier of the Year: Finn-Power Oy / Subcontractor of the Year: Coreplast Laitila Oy

According to the Award Committee Finn-Power Oy has invested in supplier cooperation on a long-term and planned manner and has created a functioning network that meets the company’s criteria, which is being developed purposefully. The company’s long-term investment in innovation has created the basis for a significant market position that quite a few Finnish companies can enjoy. In turn, Coreplast Laitila Oy has significantly grown its business both domestically and internationally. In its growth-oriented investments, the company has invested in environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, and quality systems that guide results-oriented operations. The Awards Committee highlighted high-quality products and services, as well as exemplary customer orientation, which creates the basis for results. 

Chief Economist Tuuli Koivu: Western countries have recovered to pre-crisis production levels

At the opening morning Nordea’s Chief Economist Tuuli Koivu shared an overview of the future economic outlook.

- Western countries, such as Finland, have rapidly recovered to pre-corona crisis production levels, thanks to vaccines. At the same time, economies have entered a new phase, with bottlenecks in the labour market and in international production chains as new growth fuels. This has increased the expenses for companies and future inflation must be closely monitored, even though the biggest risks in the coming months are still related to possible viral mutations, says Chief Economist Tuuli Koivu. 

The program of the fair can also be followed in part online. For example, a theme discussion” Business from Data - intelligently, safely and productively”, led by Harri Junttila, the Editor-in-Chief of Tekniikka & Talous magazine. The panel’s experts will be the event’s theme sponsor’s leader Jani Savinainen from Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy, Chief Operating Data Officer Anni Rasinen from Fiskars Group and an expert in corporate and cyber security Mika Susi. Check out the program at

Subcontracting Trade Fair presents the metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries, industrial ICT solutions, and design and consulting in these fields. In normal years, the event has gathered more than a thousand exhibitors from twenty countries and approximately 18,000 trade fair guests in Tampere. Tampere Trade Fairs Group organizes the event in cooperation with the Technology Industries of Finland, the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association of Finland, LOGY Association and the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation. The event has been held in Tampere since 1988.

Subcontracting Trade Fair health safety arrangements:

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