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The Subcontracting Fair to be held on 21–23 September 2021 in Tampere


Brighter outlook with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic brings faith for recovery of the fair and event industry the forthcoming fall. Tampere Trade Fairs Group confirm that the fair season at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre will start in the beginning of September with a consumer fair. The first trade fair will take place on 21–23 September 2021 with the anticipated industry number one event, Subcontracting Fair and AlihankintaHEAT. Approximately one thousand exhibitors are expected at the event that will fill the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Business from Data will remain as the theme. 

“We have made a decision with regards of the fall events, and the exhibition season in Tampere will start according to plans in the beginning of September. The improvement of the pandemic situation and progress of the vaccinations have given us faith, that at the least after the summer it will already be possible to organize big events successfully. We will of course follow constantly the current restrictions as well as the Government’s and officials’ policies with regards to the opening. As a responsible event organizer, we will be able to carry out the incoming fair safely and pay attention to all guidance and necessary arrangements in our big facility”, Hannu Vähätalo, the CEO of Tampere Trade Fairs Group states.

The success of Subcontracting Fair is hidden within face-to-face -meetings – this fall the event will be a hybrid  

The Subcontracting Fair has been organized in Tampere since the year 1988. The last year’s fair was postponed to September 2021 because of the pandemic. In December 2020 Subcontracting Fair and AlihankintaHEAT were, however, organized as a virtual event, which was a successful pilot regarding its contents. However, it still could not be compared to the traditional exhibition experience. According to feedback the success of the Subcontracting Fair is based on the face-to-face meetings that the live event makes possible. This does not fulfil during a virtual event. 

“The customers of the Subcontracting Fair have been waiting for a confirmation of the realization of the fair in the fall. There is an immense pressure for face-to-face meetings in the field after this virtual year. Hence, we have received encouragement to implement a physical event. Also, the experts affecting in the background of the event have shown a green light to the arrangements. Fortunately, with regards to the pandemic and opening of events, there is starting to show some light in the end of a very dark tunnel. According to current information, there will be approximately 1000 exhibitors in the Subcontracting Fair, so the commitment to the event is strong. We will continue with the preparations with confidence and focus on organizing the event successfully and safely”, says the Marketing and Communications Director of Tampere Trade Fairs Group Tanja Järvensivu, who is responsible for the organization of the Subcontracting Fair. 

“The Subcontracting Fair and AlihankintaHEAT will be implemented as a hybrid, which means that part of the theme and program will be published online as well, whereas the networking and acquiring contacts will be centralized into the exhibition halls. The atmosphere and the unique encounters of the live event have supported the Subcontracting Fair for over 30 years already, therefore everything should not be turned completely virtual. However, the hybrid implementation enables participation also internationally, in case the travel restrictions will still carry on in the fall”, Järvensivu adds. 

The theme remains Business from Data – intelligently, safely and productively 

Last year’s theme of Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT – Business from Data – will remain as the theme for this year as well. The theme was addressed in the virtual event at the end of the year 2020, in which 250 of the thousand exhibitors took part. Now, the possibility to utilize the theme is also given to the other exhibitors. The theme will be handled from three perspectives, which are intelligent industry, safety and productivity. Further information on upcoming fairs and events with Tampere Trade Fairs Group:

MORE INFORMATION:, @Alihankinta, #Alihankinta, #AlihankintaHEAT

Tampere Trade Fairs Group:

Hannu Vähätalo
Tel. +358 500 620 806

Tanja Järvensivu
Project Manager of the Subcontracting Fair, Marketing and Communications Director 
Tel. +358 50 536 8133



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