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Subcontracting Trade Fair 2017 focuses on partnership – is your network up to date?


Representatives of industrial sector will meet on an international level in Tampere in Finland on 26–28 of September at the Subcontracting 2017 – Alihankinta 2017 Trade Fair, which is 27th of its kind. Theme of this year is partnership networks, which is continually growing in importance. This year, Alihankinta 2017 organisers have partnered with MSK Group. This year will also see continuation of AlihankintaHEAT, which was held for the first time in conjunction with last year’s trade fair. Last year a record number of 18,422 industry professionals were drawn to the trade fair.

"At last year’s Alihankinta trade fair, questions were raised about whether or not industrial operations would finally pick up – and so they did. Projects were proposed during the autumn and now they are being planned and launched," says Sales Group Manager Jani Maja from Tampere Trade Fairs Group. "So it is time to ensure that the entire network of a company is able to respond to possible increases in needs. Alihankinta trade fair is an effective way to map out any potential new partners and to find out what field of industry is currently doing best," Maja adds.

Alihankinta is an important meeting point – flexbility in supplier network is competitiveness

Partner company for Alihankinta 2017 is MSK Group, a multi-field high-tech family business based in Kauhava. To supplement its domestic operations, MSK Group is now striving to strengthen its international position. Partner companies for previous Alihankinta trade fairs have been Ponsse (2014), Normet (2015), and Sandvik Mining and Construction (2016).

"The annual Alihankinta trade fair has always been an important forum for meeting our customers. And this year’s theme, partnership network, is an essential part of our business operations. After all, there are very few companies that have more experience of long-term partnerships than MSK Group. Group’s key values are honesty, fairness, openness, and reliability. This winning combination is coupled with our constant desire to develop operations for the benefit of our customers. Thanks to these strengths, our customers are our long-term partners," says MSK Group CEO Timo Lehtioja.

"It is clear that competitiveness and cost-effectiveness are essential in the subcontracting business. Our operating environment has changed dramatically over the last few years and it takes great effort to remain competitive. This can only be achieved and sustained by continually developing processes and investing in technology. Now in particular, as we prepare for the approaching upswing, it is essential to demonstrate our continuing appreciation for the flexibility and impressive capability of our supplier network. This will benefit us all when orders start to roll in. And when it comes to flexibility and capability, Finnish companies are well ahead of the crowd," Lehtioja continues.

Alihankinta column: www.alihankintakolumni.fi
MSK will be Europe’s leading system supplier for agricultural and off-road vehicles

AlihankintaHEAT continues as part of Alihankinta trade fair: startups and industry meet again

AlihankintaHEAT is a networking event for industrial and startup companies and is organised as part of the Alihankinta trade fair on Tuesday 26 September. Another new addition, HeatCorner, runs for entire duration of the fair, in the main lobby of Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Startups meet this year somewhat earlier than usual, from 29–31 August. Startups are invited to come along to HeatCamp to join in sparring sessions for developing ideas and solutions to the challenges posed by industrial companies.
"Last autumn, we noticed that this kind of event is badly needed, and that there is a growing need for startups and industrial companies to interact. We have now developed AlihankintaHEAT in co-operation with startups, industrial companies and partners to better meet everybody's needs," says Tanja Järvensivu, who is the Events and Communications Manager at Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd & Finland Events. "AlihankintaHEAT will fill Hall B and has a programme that is packed with inspiring events. The hall will be packed with startup stalls throughout the opening day. The opening ceremony and joint evening party will take place in conjunction with AlihankintaHEAT," Järvensivu adds. "Startups and prospective partners who want to be involved in all of this are welcome to get in touch with us, and should do so immediately. Visitors can come to the event free of charge by registering during the pre-registration period."

Held since 1988, the annual Alihankinta trade fair demonstrates the Finnish industry and its leading companies. A total of 18,422 industry decision-makers and other experts attended last year’s fair. The main partners of Tampere Trade Fairs are the Technology Industries of Finland association, the Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland RMAF, the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, and the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY. AlihankintaHEAT is offered by Finland Events, the event unit of Tampere Trade Fairs, in cooperation with Rapid Action Group (RAG).

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