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Practical instructions


Construction and dismantling

You are only allowed to build your stand during the construction time. These times vary in each event, so always check the schedule carefully. At the given time on the last construction day, all stands must be finished.

Structures ordered from the organiser, such as walls, carpets and ready-made stands will be completed
on the morning of the last construction day, after which they can be decorated.

In order to manage traffic inside the halls in a practical manner, driving in the halls is restricted. Please make sure that you inform your stand builders and freight drivers of this matter. Driving in the halls on the last construction day is forbidden. This applies to all vehicles. Please notice this when planning the decorating of your stand, and also inform your stand builders.

You cannot start building your stand until you have paid the stand rent.


Ready-made stands and rented furniture must be emptied by the end of the first dismantling day. Please inform your dismantling staff of this. Carpets covering the aisles will be removed on the first dismantling day. Before this, you must not place any dismantled items from your stand on the carpets.
During the dismantling time driving inside the halls is only allowed after the carpets from the aisles have been removed and plastic covers are placed.
All structures and items must be removed from the event area by the designated closing time on the last dismantling day.


Check the construction and dismantling schedules »



Customer invitations

Customer invitations will be sent to you at the time stated in the schedules. If you require additional invitations, you can order them by email from our Customer Service. Additional invitations will be charged according to use. Invitations returned to the fair will be delivered with the invoice.



Exhibitor and parking passes

You can use exhibitor and parking passes during the construction, fair and dismantling days, and they will either be posted to you or you can collect them from the exhibition office on your arrival. You must display your exhibition pass at all times while on site. You can collect a plastic holder for the pass at the info desk.

The exhibitor parking pass provides free exit from the area. Make sure that your parking pass is displayed in your car at all times. A parking pass is not required on construction and dismantling days. The area is managed by the City of Tampere Parking Control.

You can have the exhibitor and parking passes provided that you have paid the rent for the stand. If you require additional exhibitor or parking passes, you can collect them from the exhibition office.



The exhibition office is open during construction and fair days

The exhibition office staff provide services for the exhibitors in all matters related to the fair. You can contact the exhibition office through our Customer Service at 9:00-15:00 on weekdays and 

on construction and fair days at tel. +358 (0)207 701 222, asiakaspalvelu[at]

On construction days, when the exhibition office is closed, the on-call hall master can be contacted on tel. +358 (0)50 351 6500. Production manager Kosti Salovaara is in charge of exhibition construction, tel. +358 (0) 44 484 7518



Internet connections during fairs

Internet connections on stands are provided by Tietokeskus Ltd. Prices and contact information can be found in the list of Technical Orders. You can also obtain a user ID for the TESC wireless network at the exhibition office. The user IDs are device-specific and valid for 24 hours from the first time they are used. There is also open wireless network  available at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.



Maintenance hours and maintenance rooms

The purpose of maintenance hours is to give the exhibitors time to clean and re-stock their stand. Maintenance hours start in the morning and end when the fair opens. After the fair is closed, there is also one hour of maintenance time.
One or more maintenance rooms which include water supply and sewage are also provided for the exhibitors. The maintenance rooms must not be used for storage.




Media services

The press room is located in second floor and it serves representatives of the media during fair opening hours. Exhibitors are welcome to take media materials to the press room during the event.



Copying service

The exhibition office also provides copying services. We take small numbers of copies at 0,30 € / pc.
(incl. VAT). For larger numbers of copies, you can use the services of Expotec, tel. +358 (0)500 238617. The company is located in the Logistics Centre of Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.




All exhibition halls are on ground floor, and the seminar and congress facilities on the first floor can be accessed by lifts. We recommend the door on the right at the main entrance as it can be opened electronically using a button.
Disabled parking spaces are next to the main entrance and are free-of-charge to disabled parking pass holders. Please ask at the info desk if you would like to use a wheelchair while visiting the event. You cannot reserve a wheelchair in advance.



Congress and meeting facilities

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre offers exhibitors the use of seminar and meeting facilities. The versatile rooms enable you to organise various functions during the event, such as seminars, meetings, training sessions and customer events. We also offer exhibitors the use of technical and catering services. An individual programme adds value for your participation of the fair!


Read more about our meeting and seminar facilities »


General and fire safety

The currently applicable general fire safety regulations must be followed, along with specific regulations applicable to the exhibition area. These are defined separately. To present potentially hazardous equipment, you must obtain permission from the fire officials in advance.

The use of open fire is forbidden at events. Open fire equipment refers to any devices using fire or having a flame burning outside the device, such as gas stoves, cookers, oil lamps, and candles. Special permission may be granted if the equipment presented requires it, or involves welding, flame-cutting, other cutting, or related spark-inducing activity. Applications for special permits must be submitted to the organiser 30 days prior to the start of the event and must be accompanied by a report on operations and safety structures. All permits will be discussed with the fire department.

When presenting machinery and other technical equipment, all operations must meet the requirements of the industrial safety legislation and regulations.

Smoking is only allowed outside at designated spots.

Please note that it is forbidden to distribute gas balloons. Balloons filled with Helium-N type can be used as fixed decorations at stands, and regular balloons filled with air may be given out to visitors.



Restaurant services

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre has a number of various Finnresta Oy restaurant outlets with opening hours varying from event to event. You can learn about the open outlets and location of the exhibitors’ lunch restaurant in the event-specific information. During the event, you can print your coffee, lunch and other vouchers at the Finnresta service point in the lobby of Hall A.

Finnresta Customer Service: tel. +358 (0)40 5607538, asiakaspalvelu[at]



Deliveries to your stand

Goods shipped to your stand cannot be delivered before the start of the construction time. Please consider this when planning your schedules. Tampere Trade Fairs and Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre are not responsible for the reception of your deliveries, so make sure that someone is there to receive and sign for your deliveries.

In order to prevent deliveries getting lost, they must be clearly marked with the title of the event, name of the company and number of the stand, as well as the name and telephone number of a contact person.

Deliveries to the Exhibition centre should be marked as follows:
Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC)
Title of the event
Name of the company, Stand number
Contact person in the company, tel. xxx xxx xxxx
Ilmailunkatu 20
33900 Tampere



Ordering equipment for your stand

Please make sure that you have ordered everything you need in good time (14 days before the event the latest): e.g. walls, furnishings, electrics and lighting, carpets, cleaning and plants for your stand. Orders placed less than 14 days before the event will be charged at a higher rate. You can also reach our subcontractors on site during the construction period.


Technical Orders »



Forklift service

The forklift service is provided by Suomen Event Logistics Oy. The service is subject to a charge and is available during construction and dismantling times. To order the service, please contact +358 (0) 50 4307 082,
If your invoicing address is different from the address on the agreement, please mention this when placing the order. The forklift service will be invoiced after the event.




You can enquire about storage at the exhibition office. Storage space is free-of-charge and unguarded, and is therefore at your own risk.


For storage services subject to a charge, please contact Suomen Event Logistics Oy, tel. +358 (0) 50 4307 082,



Beware of catalogue fraudsters (Fair Guide/Expo Guide)

You may have received or may still receive letters by post from companies posing as FAIR GUIDE and EXPO GUIDE representatives abroad. They may imply in their letters that we have cooperation with the company concerned, but Tampere Trade Fairs has absolutely nothing to do with such companies and considers their operating methods to be highly suspicious.
Should your company receive such a letter or any letter sent by Expo-Guide or Fair Guide, please discard it. If you are not sure whether your letter is a fraudulent, you can contact our Customer Service.

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