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Graphic services

This form is for ordering fascia logo printing for your stand. If you want prints other than those for the fascia, contact our customer service:


Graphic material delivery and questions:


We ask that you deliver the printed material to the address no later than 14 days before the fair.

We custom-make texts, logos and exhibition boards for your department, as well as large-format prints for various materials. We also provide priming, lamination, and framing services, as well as various picture and roll-up stands.


Orders placed less than 14 days before the event will be charged a 30% increased price.


The valid VAT will be added to the prices. We invoice the ordered products and services after the fair.

Select this every time you order fascia prints. If you have a fascia of 1-3m, this product is all you need for ordering logo printing.
If your stand has more than 3m of fascia, add the number of extra meters here. Eg: You have 5 meters of fascia. Put quantity of 1 for the Logo print to fascia 1–3 m product and 2 for this additional meter order.
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