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Monitors, projectors, ceiling suspensions and truss equipment

Bright Finland Oy


Toiviontie 1
33920 Pirkkala

Sound, lighting and monitors:

Mikko Nyman, tel. +358 44 782 2291


Ceiling suspension points:

Kaisa Niutanen, tel. +358 44 782 2294


Attention! A ceiling suspension plan must be returned to the fair office no later than 30 days
before the exhibition.

The plan must include exact locations of the suspension points as well as the suspension weight for
each point and the desired height of the suspension.



Rental terms
Price given is per exhibition. Prices include rent, mounting, dismantling and transportation. The rental
prices for lighting and truss equipment include transportation. The charge for installation work,
dismantling and programming of the light controller is 45 €/h/person. The exhibitor will be charged for
lost or damaged items to their full value.


Please remember to order either a table or a floor stand for a monitor. Only 32 ”, 40” and 50” monitors are suitable for the table stand. If you want a monitor on the wall, you need to order a double wall element from Expotec Oy: messut@expotec.fi.


Please inform Bright in advance if you need a signal cable (hdmi or VGA): messut.tampere@brightgroup.com

All orders submitted later than 14 days before the exhibition are subject to a surcharge (30 %) and will
be processed according to circumstances. 50 % surcharge for orders and changes made during the construction period.

VAT and 8 € invoicing fee is added to all prices. Subcontractor will charge all ordered
products and services after the fair.


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Additional information

Ceiling suspension points

The height of a suspension point (a load of 0-50 kg) can be between 5 and 9 metres, measured from
the floor. The suspension charge includes the required suspension equipment to the desired height, to
which the exhibitor can attach suspensions.
Further suspension work is charged at 45 €/h when the work is carried out in connection with the basic
suspension work. The minimum charge invoiced is 1 hour. When work is carried out separately, the
charge is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Suspension points for more than 50 kg are implemented
based on a separate offer.


Ceiling suspension points (0–50 kg) 180 €/pc
The desired height of suspension points from the floor

Hoists and truss equipment
Prices are rental prices per exhibition.

Truss 4 pipes 30 €/m
Circle truss (ø 3 m) 400 €/pc
Circle truss (ø 4 m) 500 €/pc
Circle truss (ø 5 m) 600 €/pc
Circle truss (ø 6 m) 700 €/pc
Chain hoist (250–500 kg) 80 €/pc
Electric chain hoist (250/500 kg) 200 €/pc

Monitors and projectors

Monitor (32'') 140 €/pc
Monitor (40'') 160 €/pc
Monitor (50'' / 55'') 220 €/pc
Monitor (75") 750 €/pc
Floor stand for monitor 20 €/pc (For rent only when renting a monitor)
Table stand for monitor 0 €/pc (For rent only when renting a monitor)

Sound and lighting

Active speaker + stand 95 €/pc
Active speaker + stand + microphone with wire 110 €/set
Wireless microphone 135 €/pc
Metal light (150 W) 30 €/pc
X–led RGBW 98W led–light 40 €/pc
Charge for installation work and programming of the light controller 45 €/h
We would like to get an offer for special sound and/or lighting plan.

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