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Subcontracting’s own Hundred Acre Wood

With the help of the Subcontracting Forest carbon sink planted in Lempäälä, Tampere Trade Fairs compensates part of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT events. The carbon sink is part of the Tampere Trade Fair’s efforts towards more carbon-neutral trade fair activities.

Hundred Acre Wood is fabulously true! Rapidly growing birch forest does good over decades.  Approximately 640 silver birch seedlings planted in May 2020 form a long-lived treasure, as the forest’s lifetime is approximately one hundred years. The Subcontracting forest sequesters approximately 250 tons of carbon dioxide in the soil and wood biomass during the life of the sink.


– As Finland’s leading industrial event, Subcontracting Trade Fair is the largest annual event of our trade fairs, so it was natural to start planting Subcontracting Forest at this stage.


The number corresponds to the greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 60 New York flights. The figure is based on calculations by a partner company, Puuni Oy, which have been made based on VTT’s statistics.  Puuni calculates the fair’s carbon footprint according to the most commonly used standard in business, the GHG protocol, resulting in a reliable figure to enable Tampere Trade Fairs to plan emission reductions and a carbon strategy, thus helping to offset the carbon footprint.


– Responsibility and environmental issues are increasingly emphasized in the organization of events, so we in the Tampere Trade Fairs Group also have many related projects underway. For example, strong attention has been paid to recycling during the fair and the carbon footprint of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre is calculated. Step by step towards more carbon-neutral event production, Subcontracting Trade Fair’s Project Manager, Communications Director Tanja Järvensivu of Tampere Trade Fairs Group says with joy.


The forest was planted with the help of Tampere Trade Fairs, Puuni and the people of Lempäälä municipality. The toddler-aged sapling stand is located in Lempäälä on Moisionaukea, in connection with Toutainpolku and Kiiskinpuisto. The municipality of Lempäälä is responsible for forestry.

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Subcontracting’s own Hundred Acre Wood



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