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Privacy policy

Visitor register of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd

Privacy policy
Personal Data Act (523/1999), sections 10 and 24
(policy revised on 5 March 2018)


1. Controller

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd
Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere
Tel.: +358 207 701 222
Business ID: 0155043-4

2. Representative of the controller

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd/Customer service
Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere
Tel.: +358 207 701 222


3. Name of register
Visitor register of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd


4. Purpose of processing personal data

Data contained by the visitor register is collected from information provided by visitors in conjunction with visitor registration. The registered data will be used for event-specific visitor marketing, visitor calculations and visitor surveys. The registered customer data can be used for visitor profiling, electronic direct marketing and targeted marketing, also at similar future events.


If a data subject does not provide the requested data insofar as the data is related to registrations for an event, the controller cannot accept the data subject's registration or commit to the agreement on participation in the event between the controller and the data subject.


5. Data content of the register
The register contains contact details of visitors, other event-specific profiling data provided and event-specific timestamps.


6. Disclosure of data
The registered data can be distributed within the Tampere Trade Fairs Group and with subcontractors of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. Furthermore, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd may outsource the processing of personal data to external partners. If an exhibitor has read the details of a visitor from the visitor's badge in their stand, we will disclose registered data to the exhibitor on the basis of visitors read. Data may also be disclosed to an exhibitor if a visitor has registered for a trade fair through an invitation sent by the exhibitor.


7. Storage period for personal data

Personal data will be stored in order to allow visitors to access events and to carry out visitor marketing for future similar events. If a visitor requests their data to be removed before an event for which they have registered, the registration will also cease to be in effect. Personal data will be removed from the visitor register once the aforementioned storage period has elapsed.


8. Regular sources of data
The registered contact details and customer data are obtained in conjunction with visitor registrations.


9. Regular disclosure and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
No data will be disclosed or transferred from the visitor register outside the EU or EEA.


10. Principles of register protection
Separately appointed employees of the controller and employees of companies operating under the assignment and in the name of the controller are only entitled to use the system that contains customer data and modify customer data. User rights are only limited to the data each employee requires in their work. Employees who process the registered customer data are bound by a confidentiality obligation. Data will only be disclosed or transferred to third parties as a result of a statutory disclosure obligation, such as a request presented by a customer or a statutory request presented by an authority. The system is protected by means of technical solutions.


11. The right of data subjects to check data 
Data subjects have the right to check their personal data saved in the register and to obtain copies of their data. Requests to check data must be made in writing and sent to the representative of the controller (see Section 2).


12. Rectification of data 
The controller will rectify, remove or supplement any registered personal data that is incorrect considering the purpose of processing, unnecessary, defective or outdated, independently or at the request of a registered person. Registered persons must contact the controller's representative in writing in order to rectify data (see Section 2).


13. The right of data subjects to restrict processing
Data subjects have the right to restrict the controller from processing their personal data for direct advertising, distant sales, other direct marketing, market and opinion polls, vital records or genealogy. Processing restrictions must be made in writing and sent to the representative of the controller (see Section 2).


14. Making changes to the privacy policy

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd is continuously developing its business activities and, therefore, reserves the right to change this privacy policy by giving notification of any changes in its services. Changes may also be based on legal amendments. Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd recommends that data subjects read the content of this privacy policy on a regular basis.


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