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Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd will temporarily refund costs to customers due to postponed fairs  

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd will temporarily refund costs to customers due to postponed fairs  

Due to the Coronavirus situation, the Tampere Trade Fairs Group had to postpone all the fairs and events planned for spring and summer 2020. New dates were quickly found for the autumn and next year.  

Yard & Interior and Travelling in Finland will be organised between April 23–25, 2021, and World of Collectibles and Suuri Snadi between April 24‒25, 2021.  


The new dates for the Engineering Works Trade Fair, Nordic Welding Expo, and 3D & New Materials events is currently March 23‒25, 2021. Final dates will be confirmed by mid-May once we complete the questionnaire regarding suitable times for these events’ customers.  


Both the ban on all events and postponing the fairs due to the exceptional circumstances have caused exhibitors and Tampere Trade Fairs alike significant and unforeseen difficulties. As to the postponed events, re-planning and construction, advance marketing, personnel costs, hall rental costs, and financing arrangements have already incurred realised and additional costs for the company even if the events will not actually take place until next year.  


Despite the difficult situation, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd has decided to temporarily refund 50 % of the fair costs invoiced by Tampere Trade Fairs from exhibitors of the fairs originally planned for March and April 2020. This temporary refund is applied to those exhibitors who have already paid for their participation in full. 


The refunded sum will be re-charged near the new dates for the events. With this temporary refund, Tampere Trade Fairs seeks to provide relief for the exhibitors under the current circumstances and make participation easier for customers once the exceptional measures are removed.   


Exhibitors who wish to receive temporary refunds of their already paid participation costs should contact the Tampere Trade Fairs customer service via email by May 31, 2020. Please include your company’s bank account number in your request. The temporary refund will be transferred to the company account no later than on June 30, 2020. 


Exhibition stands agreed for the spring 2020 fairs will remain the same for future events regardless of these temporary refunds. The temporary refunds will be re-invoiced, using a new invoice, during year 2021 as follows: two months prior to the event(s) scheduled for March 2021, and at the end of January for events scheduled for April 2021.  


Contact information for the Tampere Trade Fairs customer service: 

tel. +358 207 701 222 (weekdays between 9am-3pm) 



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