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NETWORK 2017: The biggest single booster for Finnish industry


The future of the electricity and information network industries seems bright as society will also need electricity and networks in the future. The field is still undergoing a period of major investments and over the next 15 years 8.6 billion euros will be invested in Finland's distribution networks. The themes of the previous Network Trade Fair are still relevant, but now the main emphasis is on underground cabling due to the Electricity Market Act which took effect in 2013. In addition, the event held in Tampere on 25 and 26 January 2017 will focus on street lighting, electrification of transport and occupational safety. A new honorary award for network business, Network Act of the Year, will be awarded as part of the opening ceremony.

“A trade fair is an excellent way to bring people together. I think it could be said that the Network Trade Fair is the biggest single booster for Finnish industry as the field deals with billions of euros of investments. Annually, 600–800 million euros is invested in distribution networks. As the investments are so enormous, there is a need for the power of collaboration. This event is where one can meet equipment manufacturers, service providers, network companies as well as customers,” says Kenneth Hänninen, Director of the Finnish Energy organisation.

“The future of the network industry looks good because society will be increasingly dependent on electricity and as an industry we want to meet the needs of society. There are, of course, some risks but there are also opportunities as the use of electricity is constantly changing. Transport, for example, is becoming more and more electric and one example of this is the increasing number of electric cars,” Hänninen explains.

Small-scale production in Finland – new business from solar energy?

On Wednesday 25 January, the Aurinkoinen pientuotanto seminar (in Finnish) organised by the Finnish Energy organisation will feature several speakers, including Member of Parliament Harri Jaskari, Aalto University Professor Raimo Lovio and ABB's Senior Vice President Timo Toissalo. The seminar will deal with the importance of small-scale production for Finland as well as solar energy, for example, as an investment and business opportunity.

Network Days focus on wireless and fixed networks  

On 25 and 26 January, telecommunications specialists will get together at Network Days (Verkkopäivät) organised by Teleprikaati Oy, FiCom ry and STUL ry / Sähköinfo Oy in connection with the Network Trade Fair. During the event the participants will visit the trade fair and hear about the latest innovations and practices as well as the current situation in the industry from speakers representing, for example, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The topics discussed at the seminar will include the Internet of Things, generic cabling, the changing LAN technology and the 5G network.

Network trade fair showcases products and services related to electricity, telecommunication and information networks, network products and services, electric car infrastructure, street and road lighting and traffic information systems. Tampere Trade Fairs will hold the Network trade fair in cooperation with Finnish Energy organisation, Adato Energia Oy and Teleprikaati Oy. The last time the event was organised in 2015 and had 145 exhibitors and 4,806 fair visitors. The Network trade fair is targeted at the professionals of network business, and they have been held in Tampere since 1992.

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