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EcoCompass environmental management system certificate granted to Tampere Trade Fairs Group


The EcoCompass environmental management system certificate was granted on September 28, 2021 to the Tampere Trade Fairs Group for the management and development of environmental issues in accordance with the EcoCompass environmental management system. The Tampere Trade Fairs Group has passed the audit of EcoCompass and is committed to complying with its ten criteria. The three-year certificate was granted by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation Kinos Oy.

In accordance with the EcoCompass certificate, Tampere Trade Fairs undertakes to comply with the environmental legislation and regulations concerning its operations, as well as to map the current state of environmental management and identify the most significant environmental impacts.  Tampere Trade Fairs Group has drawn up an environmental promise to reduce its environmental impact in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement.

- We are very grateful for the recognition given to us and promise to commit to the continuous development of environmental values in our activities. Tampere Trade Fairs Group also wants to lead the way on the greener path of the event industry. We are on a strong path towards carbon-neutral event production and the EcoCompass certificate is a great milestone on this path, in the ever-changing world of sustainable development, says Tampere Trade Fairs Group’s Production Manager and person in charge of the EcoCompass project Touko Setälä

The written environmental policy was perceived as very tangible and detailed, and the promise was seen as a workable summary and a demonstration of commitment to EcoCompass. The Tampere Trade Fairs Group’s environmental program includes objectives and measures to reduce environmental impact. The environmental program is updated and its implementation is reported annually. In accordance with the criteria of the certificate, the Tampere Trade Fairs Group has a waste management plan and operates in accordance with the obligations of waste legislation. Safety data sheets are available to personnel and personnel have been instructed in the safe use of chemicals. Environmental work is part of the practical work for a large part of the Tampere Trade Fairs Group’s personnel.  The personnel are committed to taking environmental issues into account in their operations, including the organization’s seasonal employees.

The Tampere Trade Fairs Group was praised due to its extensive and impressive environmental program, which included a wealth of tangible measures and actions already taken, including waste management, energy efficiency, zero-emission electricity, customer mobility, recycling of trade fair mats and other trade fair materials, and carbon offsets. The audit paid special attention to Production Manager Touko Setälä’s know-how and competence in environmental matters, as well as his motivation to develop responsibility and environmental work. The strengths of the Tampere Trade Fairs Group also included a clear vision of the needs and opportunities for continuous improvement.

The EcoCompass environmental management system is part of the Tampere Trade Fair’s efforts towards more carbon-neutral trade fair activities.


EcoCompass environmental management system is owned by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
EcoCompass certificate is based on international environmental management standards.  


Additional information:,
Production Manager Touko Setälä, +358 40 641 3369, touko.setala(a)

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