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Finnish Craft & Design: Domestic production supports employment, economy and skills


Taking place for the 22nd time in Tampere from 17 until 19 November 2017, the unique handicrafts event will highlight Finnish skills and small businesses even more than before in celebration of the centenary of Finland’s independence. Skilful individuals will be rewarded with awards for Artisan of the Year and New Product of the Year as well as Taito-Finlandia. The Dolls' House Fair and XXXV Railway Modelling event will be held in the same venue at the same time. In 2016, the Finnish Craft & Design Fair attracted over 44,000 visitors.

The Finnish Craft & Design Fair, the largest handicrafts and applied arts event in Europe, will put the spotlight especially on Finnish small businesses that are strongly present at the event every year. Almost 700 entrepreneurs will take part in the fair to meet customers face to face and to showcase and of course sell their products.

“Craft skills have experienced a boom not only in Finland but also elsewhere in the world. Consumers are interested in ethical aspects and want to know who has made a certain product and where it comes from. People understand that through their purchasing decisions they can also support local companies. When you choose a Finnish alternative, it provides employment,” says Managing Director Tero Lausala from the Association for Finnish Work.

Consumers value Finnish products – entire value chain under control

The fair will feature entrepreneurs whose products are made on their kitchen tables or in a studio, but also some whose production is run in Finland on a larger scale. For example, fashion designer Jukka Rintala has persistently had his clothes made in Finland, even bigger batches, and Novita, the largest producer of knitting yarns in the Nordic region, also makes all its materials in Finland.

“Throughout my 40-year career I have worked to promote our country. My clothes have always been made in Finland. Through shows and events I have reached a large number of Finns and I know that people value Finnish products and are interested in buying them,” Rintala says.

“I believe it is essential that we are in control of the entire value chain from raw materials to the end product, in other words the yarn. Therefore, it is important for us to have our factory, product development and design in Finland,” says Novita's Managing Director Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen.

Shared passions bring people together – Dolls' House Fair and Railway Modelling Event held at the same time

Simultaneously with the Finnish Craft & Design Fair, Hall D will feature the Dolls' House Fair and on Saturday and Sunday also the XXXV Railway Modelling Event. The Railway Modelling Event allows clubs, associations, museums, enthusiasts, professionals and sellers to showcase and sell their products and model trains can also be seen running. The Dolls' House Fair allows visitors to admire incredible creations and buy more items for their own houses.
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The Finnish Craft & Design Fair is the largest handicrafts and applied arts fair in Europe, bringing over 600 exhibitors and over 40,000 visitors to Tampere every year. The Finnish Craft & Design Fair is organised by Tampere Trade Fairs and Taito Pirkanmaa ry. Tampere Trade Fairs is responsible for organising the Dolls' House Fair together with The Finnish Doll's House Association and the Railway Modelling Event together with Pirake (Pirkanmaa Railway Enthusiasts' Club).

Finnish Craft & Design and Dolls' House Fair 17–19 November 2017 and Railway Modelling Event 18–19 November 2017, Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (Halls A, C, D and E). Open: Friday 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, Sunday 10 am – 5 pm. Tickets at the door: three-day ticket €20, day ticket €13 for Friday or Sunday and €15 for Saturday (in advance €18, €11 or €13). One ticket grants entrance to all events on the same day. Buy tickets in advance: www.kadentaidot.fi/liput

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.kadentaidot.fi/en, www.nukkekotitampere.fi, www.pienoisrautatie.fi (in Finnish)
Social media: Facebook: facebook.com/Kadentaidot, Twitter: @TampereenMessut, Instagram: @suomenkadentaidot, #Kädentaidot, #Nukkekotimessut, #Pienoisrautatie
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